HMTF Management has become a leader in the property management industry because our business practices are cutting edge and cash flow centered.

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Rental Rate Reports X X
Tenant Finder Services X X
Tenant Application Screening X X
Leasing Commissions
(typically 50% of security /damage deposit)
Showing Fees
($50 per showing)
Rent Collection by Mail X X
Rent Collection by Internet X X
Rent Collection in Person X
Rent Collected as Personal Check X
Rent Collected as Money Order X X
Rent Collected as Certified Check X X
Property Inspection Every Month X
Property Inspection Every 3 Months X
Tenant Move-in/Move-out Walkthroughs X X
Rent hits your account the 10th X
Rent hits your account on the 7th X
Monthly Cash Flow Report X X
Monthly Property Condition Report X
List of Sub-contractors for repairs X X
Mark ups on repairs X
4% Average Vacancy Level X
8% Average Vacancy Level X


  • We personally complete a phone interviewinspection-checklist
  •  prior to showing your unit
  • We personally show your unit to prospects at a pre-scheduled time
  • We professionally qualify interested Applicants by evaluating written applications and back up data
  • We pay a third party to provide us with a detailed credit and criminal history checks
  • We call and check references from previous landlords and employers
  • We prepare and administer lease documents including tenant rules and regulations, and all legal disclosures (i.e. lead based paint, mold, fire codes, etc).
  • We complete a walk-through of the property prior to Resident occupancy
  • We complete an Inspection Report for Residents to sign
  • We collect first month’s rent and place the tenant’s security deposit in your account
  • We explain late payment penalties and implications of lease violation
  • We notify tenants of rent increases and other assessments
  • We maintain open communication to ensure good will

Affordable Tenant Finder only service also available.


Once our Tenant Finder leasing service has marketed and successfully rented your unit, our comprehensive management service checks in to ensure that your rental property is maintained to the highest standards possible. Most property management companies simply collect rent by mail and oversee maintenance requests from behind a desk, but Home Treasure Finders Inc. provides much more. We better serve owners by collecting rent IN PERSON every month and we only accept personal checks if they are paid EARLY (Before the 1st of the month). We also conduct monthly “doorstep inspections” and quarterly “walk-though” inspections. Upon completing an inspection we email the owner a detailed property condition report which outlines all recommended and required maintenance.

Our Comprehensive Property Management Services Include;

  • Industry-leading ‘SWEET 16′ inspection system ensures property maintained as a home (typically 12 physical “door step” inspections and 4 internal walk- though inspections each year)
  • No Maintenance Markups! We recommend subcontractors for maintenance and pay them direct from the rent we collect.
  • IN PERSON Monthly rent collection and late rent enforcement
  • MONTHLY Detailed cash flow statements
  • AS NEEDED Phone calls to owners to notify of property conditions and rent collection updates
  • ANNUAL Rental renewal notices to tenants
  • AS NEEDED Delivery and tracking of Pay or Quit notices
  • AS NEEDED Management of eviction and court proceedings (additional fees apply)
  • We respond right away with a 24 Hour Resident maintenance line.  Requests via phone, text, email, or tenant portal are sent to subcontractors as soon as they come in.
  • AS NEEDED Assure rental property compliance with applicable local, state and federal law and code
  • ANNUAL Detailed Resident check-out process with a cleaning checklist. We hold our residents accountable to high standards for maintenance during their stay!


Also included in our comprehensive Property Management service, the Home Treasure Finders Inc. Monthly report utilizes one of the industry’s most advanced property management software (TREX) to ensure that our owners enjoy the most cutting-edge tools and resources for maximizing ROI. In addition to our software systems our staff of licensed realtors, licensed contractors, and accounting professionals, give personal attention to every report, mailing or analysis generated by our systems. As a publically traded company, we also employ redundant back-up accounting systems to ensure continuity and data protection.

  • MONTHLY Detailed accounting for all rents, expenses and security deposits
  • All deposits are maintained in the owners account
  • Timely disbursement of funds to owner with detailed monthly statements
  • AS NEEDED Copies of all work orders and receipts are kept on file throughout the year, and are available by request



There is typically one right way – and many wrong ways – to do property repairs and maintenance… especially in the Denver region, where extreme weather and ‘exotic’ building codes and are the norm.

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